Wordlists with crunch

Crunch is very nice, fast and and well configurable wordlist generator. You can specify character sets and generate wordlists in all possible combinations.


Linux/Mac OS X with C compiler and make

For Mac OS X users, just install the Command Line Tools.


Download the latest source from SourceForge.net, unzip and compile.

# unzip
$ tar -zxvf crunch-3.6-2.tgz

# go into folder
$ cd crunch-x.x

# compile
$ make -f Makefile

After create the crunch executable you can start to create wordlist files.


The first example create the wordlist direct in terminal. All words contain 5 letters with chars “a”, “b” and “c”.

$ ./crunch 5 5 abc

The next example create the wordlist into the file (mylist.txt) with 5 numbers of 0 to 9.

$ ./crunch 5 5 0123456789 -o myfile.txt

Now it should create words with different length from 1 to 3 and mix of chars (A,B,C) and numbers (1,2,3).

$ ./crunch 1 3 ABC123 -o myfile.txt

There is more, crunch include permutation and defined charsets.

# example permutation
# the numbers aren't processed but are needed
$ ./crunch 4 5 -p peter tom susi

# example charset numeric (0-9)
$ ./crunch 5 5 -f ./charset.lst numeric -o myfile.txt

# example invert
$ ./crunch 5 5 -i -f ./charset.lst numeric -o myfile.txt

It is possible to use placeholder (like: @ , % and ^), to define the target size of files and compression. You can create wordlists for IBAN, telephone numbers, e-mails and many more. Read the man page of crunch!!!

# example
$ ./crunch 8 8 -t %%%%%%%%% -u | aircrack-ng -e [SSID] -w [*.cap]
  • @ will insert lower case characters
  • , will insert upper case characters
  • % will insert numbers
  • ^ will insert symbols

Last comment

Please be carefully with generated file size!!!