Install Ansible inside virtualenv on CentOS7

There are many ways to install Ansible inside virtualenv on CentOS7, I would like to show now a very simple variant. Important are actually the CentOS packages at the beginning.


it can be so easy 😉

PyCharm with Virtualenv on Mac OS X

This guide shows you how to use PyCharm with virtualenv on Mac OS X.



First install we install Virtualenv and Virtualenvwrapper.

Now we start PyCharm to create new project.

PyCharm Virtualenv

After given the new name for the project on Location, select for Interpreter “Create VirtualEnv”.

PyCharm Create Virtualenv

Create Virtual Environment dialog box opens. Here type the name of the new virtual environment and specify the target directory for he new virtual environment on Location. Select one “Base interpreter” and if needed, select the check box “Inherit global site-packages”.

PyCharm Virtualenv Setup

Press “OK” button to apply changes and close the dialog box. After press the  “Create” button – PyCharm create the new project.