Record and share terminal sessions

Sometimes it is so boring to tell other software testers what to do … and nobody read documentations. Here now a easy solution! Just record and share your terminal sessions.


# install Python3 with pip (on Debian 8)
$ apt-get install -y python3 python3-pip

# verify installation
$ python3 --version && pip3 --version

# install asciinema
$ apt-get install -y asciinema

# verify installation
$ asciinema --version

Note: read the documentation of asciinema for other OS!


# start recording
$ asciinema rec

# do some great stuff on new shell instance

# stop recording (Ctrl-D)
$ exit

# open/send URL

Tip: Sensitive data should be shared directly (via JSON file)!

# record to local file
$ asciinema rec record.json

# distribute in any way

# play local record
$ asciinema play record.json