UI testing with DalekJS and PhantomJS on CentOS

With DalekJS you can automate your functional GUI tests very easy. This article describe how to prepare the test environment on CentOS.


First, the necessary packages are installed.

It is also possible to compile PhantomJS itself, but this takes a lot of time.

Prepare test project

Once all is installed without any issues you can start to create the test project.

Create test case

Now it is time for the first Test Case. I have used the example from Dalek website.

Run test

By default DalekJS use PhantomJS as browser. For running the test case simple use dalek command and as argument the test case file (*.js).

CSSLint with Grunt on Debian

This tutorial gives an tiny insight into CSSLint with Grunt on Debian. After that you should be able, to implement more Grunt tasks for your project.


As root or sudo user install needed packages

Check the installation.

Create a new project

As “normal” user create a new project and install the needed plugin.

If no problems occurred, the package.json file should look like:

Create a css folder and a css file with some mistakes like:

In the last step we create the Gruntfile.js

Thats all, now run just the command and see the results.