CURL visualization via httpstat

CURL is awesome … but sometimes the feature for visualization of statistics is missing. Exactly here helps httpstat as an wrapper.

httpstat is available for different languages:

Prepare project

Since I am a Python lover I will also work with my favorite language provided by Xiao Meng. It’s a single file with no dependencies and compatible to Python 2.7 and 3.

# create project folder
$ mkdir -p ~/Projects/httpstat && cd ~/Projects/httpstat

# download python script
$ curl -C - -O

# change file permission
$ chmod u+x

Usage examples

# show help
$ python --help

# show simple GET statistics
$ python -k

# show html body (truncated)
$ export HTTPSTAT_SHOW_BODY=true
$ python -k

# show download and upload speed
$ python -k

Note: httpstat has a bunch of environment variables, please use help!