Visualization of package dependencies

Documentation takes time – sometimes a lot of time. Here a few examples how to create dependencies pictures with Graphviz via command line. These commands can then be easily transferred to a build-process to save your time.

Mac OS X

CentOS 7

Debian 8

Example graph for mtr on Mac OS X

mtr dependencies

Monitor multiple remote log files with MultiTail

With MultiTail you are able to view one or multiple log files (on remote engines). Therefore it creates multiple split-windows on your console. You can configure these! To see all features look here.




If you look onĀ multiple files at same time with MultiTail – just hit the “b” key to select the window, with up/down keys you can scroll.

Run your Python Selenium tests headless

This time i show you the headless testing with Selenium WebDriver and PhantomJS. This method can be used for example on continuous integration systems.

Install PhantomJS

Follow the documentation on PhantomJS website or as Mac OS X user simply use Mac Ports.

Create a tiny test script

Just create a instance of PhantomJS WebDriver and run you tests. That is all! šŸ˜‰

Simple ssh brute-force attack with Hydra

Test preparation

Install Hydra

Now create two files (or download anywhere)

Run tests

Create some content (by line) and start the ssh brute-force with Hydra.

If Hydra found something, the message looks like:

Note:Ā for legal purposes only!

MacPorts Basics

Update MacPorts

Search port(s)
Simple search for ports

Simple search for ports by line

Advanced search for ports (start with python)

Install Port(s)

Clean port if install fails

Uninstall port(s)

List installed ports

Update Port(s)

Check for updates

Update outdated port(s)

Update specific port