Python, Selenium Grid and Docker

With Docker you can quickly and easily install, configure and use Selenium Grid. This tutorial shows the respective steps that you need as a software tester (or Developer). Instead of Python you can also use other languages, which are supported by Selenium​.


Preparation of files

Note: You can opt for a version of docker-compose.yml!

Version: 1

Version: 2

Create environment

Open Browser

Selenium Grid Console

Run Python script

Note: Via browserName ( you can choose the respective browser (firefox or chrome)!

Note: Via docker-compose scale you can add/remove node instances!

Headless browser

Some headless browser for test automation

  • Guillotine – A .NET headless browser, written in C#
  • PhantomJS – a headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API
  • Zombie – Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using node.js
  • CasperJS – a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS
  • HeadlessBrowser – headless browser, for testing the DOM on Node.js
  • SlimerJS – a scriptable browser for Web developers
  • trifleJS – a headless Internet Explorer browser using the .NET
  • Jabba-Webkit – a headless webkit browser for scraping AJAX
  • HtmlUnit – a GUI-Less browser for Java programs
  • Awesomium – HTML UI Engine for C++ and .NET
  • env.js – a pure JavaScript browser environment


HAR with Python WebDriver and BrowserMob Proxy

This time is shown how to automate performance test for web sites. Tools in usage are Python Selenium WebDriver and BrowserMob proxy. The results are HAR files which can be viewed in HAR Viewer.


  • JAVA installed
  • Python Packages for selenium and browsermob-proxy


Download BrowserMob Proxy and check if proxy can started by command-line.

Create Python Class

Note: The highlighted line must contain the path to BrowserMob Proxy!
Happy testing! If you use PhantomJS instead of Firefox, you can use this on Build server like Jenkins/Hudson and so on, too.

Test responsive webpages online

Of course it is better to test webpages directly on devices, but in case of costs not possible. A first good and cheap possibility is the use of online resources, next to browser Add-ons. Developer and software tester can use this services for a good impression. In most cases, the specifying of the URL and sizes are sufficient. This topic show some good free services. Which is the right one for you, you must decide for yourself .

Online Services

Lynx text based web browser

Lynx can be used to check web site for accessibility, performance and SEO analysis.

Install Lynx

Use Lynx