Python profiling with PyCharm Community Edition

Before we start, if you don`t know what is profiling read this Wikipedia article! In my opinion profiling should be a part of every development/build process! Whether the responsibility lies with QA or development. Python profiler are supported only in PyCharm Professional Edition. This article show you the possibilities for the community edition.


  • PyCharm installed
  • Virtualenv or similar installed (optional)
  • PyCharm BashSupport Plugin installed

The easiest Profiler

With Unix/Linux time command you have allready a simple profiler! Time writes a message to standard output. Here you will find some information on Stackoverflow.

With BashSupport Plugin we can setup the “Run/Debug Configuration” like:

unix time profiler

Better informations

But now we need better information. For this we use cProfile, cprofilev and snakeviz.

“Run/Debug Configuration” example

cProfile simple

Now will store the results into a file

cProfile store output

With snakeviz you can open the profile in browser:

The other option is to use cprofilev:


Even more information

If that was not enough,… we install some more libraries.

Now we need to change the example code. We add the decorator…

the line_profiler configuration


the memory_profiler

memory profiler

All configurations could now startet via the “Run” button. There are even more Profiler that you can use with similar PyCharm.