Publish continuous integration status on Desktop

In one of my last tutorials, i show how to develop test tools for software tester with Python. Now i will show you, how to publish continuous integration status information for other team members like Scrum master, Product owner or Test manager.



If you don`t have Jenkins or Hudson running, search some public services with Google!

Example: inurl:8080 intitle:”Dashboard [Jenkins]”


Create a python script like this:

Now start GeekTool and create a new Geeklet. Drag a Shell Geeklet on you Desktop. Now insert values for name, size, set colors and so on and add the python script on “Command”.

Create Geeklet

… the script.

Geeklet Command

Thats it! Now you can export the Geeklet and share it with you team members. My current screen looks like:

Geeklet result