Penetration testing report via Serpico

Penetration testing make fun but writing penetration testing reports is boring. When you start you will look for templates or software which supports you. Here comes Serpico into the game. Serpico is a collaboration and report generation tool. The best… it is open-source.

Usage via Docker

# search for Serpico (optional)
$ docker search serpico

# download official image
$ docker pull serpicoproject/serpico

# create and run container
$ docker run --name serpico -p 8888:443 -it serpicoproject/serpico /bin/bash -l

# run setup script (only 1st time)
$ ruby scripts/first_time.rb

# create new user
$ ruby scripts/create_user.rb admin test123 1

# start serpico
$ ruby serpico.rb

Now you can use Serpico in your favorite browser…

# macOS use Safari
$ open -a Safari https://localhost:8888

Login with created credentials (admin/test123) and create your reports. On Youtube is a good introduction. If you don’t have Microsoft Words installed, you can view your reports online.