Install Jenkins with Puppet

As a software tester you need a test environment! The test environment should be soon as possible and without outside resources deployable. This guide shows you how to install Jenkins on Debian/Ubuntu with Puppet (Version 2.7.x).


If Puppet and Puppet-Lint are not installed:

The project looks like the following:


The first content we add is for “site.pp”. Here we include the “nodes.pp” and setup basic paths.

The next content is for second file “nodes.pp”. Here we create the case statement with the include for Jenkins class and a message (if OS is not supported).

As last step we create the content for “init.pp”.

Note: The space after “/etc /apt” on “update” and “source file” should removed! I made this just because of the security policies of my provider. They do not allow! 🙁


First we check the syntax with the puppet-lint. As software tester i think you always lint! 😉

Now we make some different “Dry-runs”.

With “–noop” nothing is really executed. The “–modulepath”, “–summarize” and “–debug” speaks for themselves.

the Final

Now the final, after the Puppet is ready you should able to connect to Jenkins.