Create templates for Vim

Developers should follow not only the rules and processes of quality assurance. They must also have advantages for motivation from QA! As QA, you can already achieve more with less. Templates would be a possibility. This guide shows you how to deploy templates for Vim.


In order to provide templates, check if the personal vimrc file exists. Do not use the global vimrc! Whatever you configure in the personal vimrc file will overrule any setting in the global vimrc file.

Create some templates

Now place some files with in the templates directory.

and so on… . Open the personal vimrc file and add the following auto-command.

Whenever a Developer create now a new file, Vim looks for a template that matches the extension of the file. If there is no template for the file type, then Vim simply creates an empty file as usual.

My vimrc example