Create REST API mock server with Docker

This time again a tutorial with various instructions. It is a REST API services for development and testing purposes and some simple Docker instructions.


Note: For Mac OS X and Windows use Docker Toolbox!

Create and connect into Boot2Docker VM

# create new boot2docker vm
$ docker-machine create -d virtualbox apivm

# list created vm(s)
$ docker-machine ls

# list informations (optional)
$ docker-machine inspect apimock

# ssh into boot2docker vm
$ docker-machine ssh apivm

Create Dockerfile (inside VM)

# create new Dockerfile
$ vi Dockerfile
FROM ubuntu

# install python packages
RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install python python-dev python-pip

# install python libraries
RUN pip install mock-server tornado==4.2

# create directory
RUN mkdir -p api


CMD ["mock-server","--address=","--dir=api"]

Create Docker image and container (inside VM)

# create Docker image
$ docker build -t api_image .

# list Docker image(s)
$ docker images

# create and start new container from Docker image
$ docker run --name api_container -d -p 8888:8888 api_image

# list Docker container(s)
$ docker ps -a

Run application in browser

Now open a browser and call URL like: http://<>:8888/__manage. You can now begin to create and use REST API resources.