Add remote CentOS to docker-machine

This tutorial shows how to add a remote CentOS to your local docker-machine.



The first step is to install docker on CentOS 7.

Second step is to setup firewall rules on CentOS 7.

The last step on CentOS 7 is to share ssh public key.

Add CentOS 7 server to docker-machine

Vagrant Plugin Recommendations

Today a few Vagrant Plugin Recommendations.



Create a simple Vagrant BaseBox (as here) and if you like use the following Vagrantfile.

1. vagrant-camera

2. vagrant-vbguest

3. vagrant-hostsupdater


Python, Selenium Grid and Docker

With Docker you can quickly and easily install, configure and use Selenium Grid. This tutorial shows the respective steps that you need as a software tester (or Developer). Instead of Python you can also use other languages, which are supported by Selenium​.


Preparation of files

Note: You can opt for a version of docker-compose.yml!

Version: 1

Version: 2

Create environment

Open Browser

Selenium Grid Console

Run Python script

Note: Via browserName ( you can choose the respective browser (firefox or chrome)!

Note: Via docker-compose scale you can add/remove node instances!