JMeter and Taurus

Taurus from Blazemeter seems really to have a potential to be a star. There are new and easy ways to ease the workflow with JMeter. It allows, for example, configuration options and reports which JMeter does not offer by default.


On error look for installed libxml2 and libxslt libraries!


You don`t need jMeter or jMeter PlugIns installed! All will automatically downloaded in given path (see YAML).


Create a JMeter testplan with “User Defined Variables”, one “Thread” with one “HTTP Request Defaults” and some “HTTP Requests”.

Taurus jMeter Example 1

On “User Defined Variables” – “Name” insert “MY_TARGET_HOST” this value will be set by Taurus YAML file.

Taurus jMeter Example 2

On “HTTP Request Defaults” – “WebServer” use the variable (MY_TARGET_HOST).

Taurus jMeter Example 3

Running JMeter test

Two folders will created on each test run. “report” (configured in YAML) and “Artifacts” (as Date/Time string). Attention – report.xml will replaced on each run!

Simple lint for Markdown

With Markdownlint you can quickly check your own *.md files. You can use that tool for automation in your build environment.



The use of Markdownlint is very easy.

Collecting Skype information with own python package

This time i will present 2 tutorials in one. One part describe how to create a simple Python package. The other part gives security testers a hint for sensible data. It is recommended to work with python virtualenv!


  • Python 2.7.x
  • pip, virtualenv, setuptools
  • Skype


Skype stores sensible data, unencrypted, in a simple sqlite database (main.db). You would be surprised what information can be found there!

Example Locations

  • Mac OS – /Users/Library/Application Support/Skype/main.db
  • Windows – C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Skype\main.db

Python Package

Install and execute

You can now create another environment (with virtualenv) and install the package.


There are other tables with information! Expand the package as desired.

Recommendation for JetBrains PyCharm PlugIns

This time a few recommendations for PyCharm PlugIns.

  • CodeGlance – a code mini-map similar to Sublime
  • BashSupport – Bash language support with many features
  • .ignore – PlugIn for Git, Mercurial, Docker, Chef, CVS, TeamFoundation and etc.
  • Dummy Text Generator – random text generator
  • Ini4Idea – *.ini file support
  • Markdown (Markdown support, MultiMarkdown) – *.md file support
  • IntelliBot – RobotFramework support
  • Gerrit – Gerrit Code Review integration
  • Jenkins Control Plugin – watch and trigger Jenkins builds