Headless browser

Some headless browser for test automation

  • Guillotine – A .NET headless browser, written in C#
  • PhantomJS – a headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API
  • Zombie – Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using node.js
  • CasperJS – a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS
  • HeadlessBrowser – headless browser, for testing the DOM on Node.js
  • SlimerJS – a scriptable browser for Web developers
  • trifleJS – a headless Internet Explorer browser using the .NET
  • Jabba-Webkit – a headless webkit browser for scraping AJAX
  • HtmlUnit – a GUI-Less browser for Java programs
  • Awesomium – HTML UI Engine for C++ and .NET
  • env.js – a pure JavaScript browser environment


Extend SSH Sessions on Mac OS

On Mac OS, SSH sessions to remote computers are timing out too quickly! The solution is to set a timeout interval in seconds.


Create your own REST testing application

This time i want show you how to create your own REST testing application. For this demonstration i use Python, Tkinter and some Python libraries. At the end of this tutorial you can extend the application with more features like “show headers”, “store requests/responses”, “run automatically” and so on.


  • install Python > 2.7 (Tkinter included)
  • install Requests: HTTP for Humans
  • install Python Data Validation for Humans


Run application

The application should look like:

RESTme Application

Create your own fake-data generator application

In this episode i want to show you, how easy it is to create a fake-data generator application.


  1. to get inspired
  2. if you need such tool behind restricted areas (without internet)
  3. software testers need a lot of fake-data


  • Python > 2.7
  • Python Faker package installed

Example Application Code

Run Fake-Data Application

Now it`s on you to improve this tiny application! As example you could add file and/or database export, add more functionality or just improve the GUI.

htop the process viewer

htop is a interactive process viewer like top. The installing and using on different systems is super simple. The advantages over standard top are:

  • fast view on performance statistics
  • process scrolling (vertically)
  • much easier to understand
  • no need to type the process number to kill a process
  • tree view (optional)



In the terminal, the use is self-explanatory.

Jenkins and Virtualenv

This guide is intended to show how you can use Jenkins/Hudson with Python virtualenv.




Create (if necessary) a new “Freestyle Project” and configure as needed build-paramaters , VCS and etc. On section “Build” – “Execute Shell” insert following script.