Simple python job on Jenkins

In this tutorial i show, how you as a tester can create a very basic python code analysis and documentation job in your build server.


Install needed python modules

Install needed Jenkins plugins

  • HTML Publisher Plugin
  • Violations

Create a Free Style job

Create a new job with your requirements (e.g. Project name, Source-Code Management, etc.). Now insert commands “Build > Execute Shell”.

Add the Post-Build-Action – Report Violations and Publish HTML reports. On violations insert the pep8 (pep8_report.txt) and pylint (pylint_report.txt) values. On Publish HTML reports add the folder API.

After running the build, the screen should look like this:

Jenkins Python Report

MacPorts Basics

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Simple search for ports

Simple search for ports by line

Advanced search for ports (start with python)

Install Port(s)

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Uninstall port(s)

List installed ports

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